Testimonials - What our clients say
  • "I have experienced the most stimulating learning programme. It has taken a great amount of effort but the rewards have been well beyond anything I could have imagined."

  • "I anticipated the course would reinforce what I knew, give me new insights, techniques and professionalism. Now, I realise I had little concept of what real coaching entailed, and have benefited in a much broader sense than I envisaged."

  • "My coachees and I have a real sense of achievement. I enjoyed the intellectual challenge, and I feel I see myself more clearly as a natural reflector. I now draw confidence from a deeper understanding of what qualities I have to offer rather than falling back on my position and experience."

  • "I have recently been offered two positions within my company. I feel I have got to this stage (being respected and valued), partly by completing this programme. My coach helped me realise my potential, boosted my confidence and encouraged me to take risks. In turn I have become more focussed and make decisions I put off in the past."

  • "The programme has far exceeded my expectations, with some surprising outcomes. I became aware of the importance of the softer aspects of management built around human relationships and dynamics, and the capacity for an individual's potential to change and evolve through listening, probing and questioning. There is still much for me to learn - I just wish I'd done the programme before."

  • "The programme has been instrumental in building my competencies and confidence as a coach-mentor. It also helped me focus on my development, strengths and ambitions. We have been given a lot of tools, which are now in my personal toolbox. I have been able to pull from all of them and use them confidently. This has been a terrific experience and one I'd recommend to others."
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