About us

This is the 10th year of OSCM programmes. We provide you with a range of high quality, rigorous academic and practical qualifications at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.

Our programmes are all professionally accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and/or credit rated academically by Oxford Brookes University. All programmes meet or exceed the UK National Occupational Standards issued by the UK Qualification and Curriculum Authority. They are continually upgraded to keep pace with the developing profession, supported by respected research, and therefore represent a widely acknowledged leading edge reputation internationally.

OSCM programmes are consciously very rigorous and challenging to meet the highest possible standards.  We advocate no single theoretical coaching model but encourage the serious development of a wide range of approaches to suit the variety of situations in which coaching and mentoring occurs. Our approach is essentially holistic and has been labelled as ‘Situational Coach-Mentoring’.

The programmes are therefore very practice orientated with a strong theoretical underpinning.  Our focus is on the highly practical and experiential ‘self-managed learning by doing’.  You will work with volunteer ‘learners’  of your choice and undertake regular coach-mentoring sessions with your own personal, qualified and experienced coach-mentor who also acts as your supervisor, tutor and assessor.

The programmes also have the benefit of being a fully blended experience with significant access to Internet based self-assessments, learning modules and video-based Master Classes from internationally recognised experts. There are also several skills development workshops for interaction with fellow candidates.

However, it is a flexible experience and whilst you are guided through a structured programme you are able to undertake both study and practice at a time and pace that suits your personal circumstances.

We understand it is important for you to find the right organisation and right approach for you: our award winning team is on hand to guide and support you through each step of your learning journey.

The Faculty and Visiting Lecturers

There are 40 Faculty members spread across the UK and internationally and you will be allocated to work with one who most closely matches your geographic location and professional interests.

Visiting lecturers for the next academic year include:

Julie Starr, author of The Coaching Manual will focus on ‘Practical skills and techniques’

David Clutterbuck, author of Everybody needs a Mentor will focus on ‘Work and Life balance’.

Eric Parsloe, author of Coaching and Mentoring practical methods to improve learning will focus on ‘Executive coaching’.

Mary Connor and Julia Pokora, authors of Coaching and mentoring at Work will focus on ‘Egan’s skilled helper framework’.

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